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Pagination in Codeigniter 4 | Pagination Service | Pagination library
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  • Published at: 30 Oct, 2020
  • Updated at: 12 Aug, 2023

Pagination in Codeigniter 4 | Pagination Service | Pagination library

Pagination in Codeigniter 4 | Pagination Service | Pagination library

What's Pagination, huh? If you have tons of material/posts to view on a single page, it's challenging to describe thousands of blogs/products on a single page, so you're eventually required to break them into several pages.

Have you ever created the Pagination in Core/Basic PHP or even Codeigniter 3? Many PHP scripts are required to create the Pagination in core PHP. Still, if you talk about the Codeigniter 3 pagination, a few lines of code are required to create it, maybe ten lives of code.

Creating the Pagination in Codeigniter 4 is very easy; you need to call a method sounds good. Let me describe the Pagination in Codeigniter 4.

Create a table named users 

create table users
    u_id int auto_increment
        primary key,
    u_name varchar(250) not null,
    u_user_name varchar(250) null,
    u_email varchar(250) not null,
    u_password varchar(250) not null,
    u_link varchar(250) null,
    u_contact_number varchar(30) null,
    u_dp varchar(250) null,
    country_id int not null,
    city_id int not null,
    u_description text null,
    u_verify_batch int default 0 null,
    u_status int default 0 null,
    u_date datetime null,
    u_updated datetime null,
    u_deleted datetime null,
    u_agree int default 0 null comment 'agree terms and condition while creating the new account.',
    u_deals_in varchar(50) null,
    u_working_since varchar(50) null,
    u_slug varchar(250) null,
    u_address text null,
    admin_id int null

Now create a model named ModUsers in Codeigniter 4

<?php namespace App\Models;
use CodeIgniter\Model;

class ModUsers extends Model
    protected $DBGroup = 'default';
    protected $table      = 'users';
    protected $primaryKey = 'u_id';

    protected $returnType     = 'array';
    protected $useSoftDeletes = true;

    protected $allowedFields = [
        'u_email','u_password', 'u_link', 'u_contact_number','u_dp',
        'country_id','city_id', 'u_description', 'u_verify_batch','u_status',
        'u_date','u_updated', 'u_deleted','u_agree','u_deals_in','u_working_since','u_slug','u_address','admin_id'

    protected $useTimestamps = true;
    protected $createdField  = 'u_date';
    protected $updatedField  = 'u_updated';
    protected $deletedField  = 'u_deleted';

    protected $validationRules    = [
        'u_name'     => 'required',
        'u_email'        => 'required|valid_email',
        'u_password'     => 'required|min_length[5]',
        'u_user_name'     => 'required',
        'u_contact_number'  => 'required',
        'country_id'     => 'required',
        'city_id'     => 'required',
    protected $validationMessages = [

    protected $skipValidation     = false;

}//class here

Create a controller named Users in Codeigniter 4

namespace App\Controllers;
use App\Models\ModUsers;
class User extends BaseController
    $userTable = new ModUsers();
    $data = [
            'companies' => $userTable->paginate(20),
            'pager' => $userTable->pager
        echo view('home',$data);

Note You have to create the view named home to send the data; that's it.

As you know, we have used only two methods to create the pagination and also the links one is the paginate, and the second method is a pager.

To create the links on your view, you need to call the below method.

<?php echo $pager->links();?>


Pagination is a way of displaying content on a single page, and it allows you to display content in a variety of ways. In Codeigniter 4, you need to call a method to create the pagination. The PPaginationcan also be created in Core/Basic PHP.



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