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Privacy Policy for ShekzTech.com

1. Overview

At ShekzTech.com, user privacy is paramount. Our aim is to shield any personal details you share, and this document provides insights into our commitment.

2. Gathering Information

a. When you engage with our platform, be it by registration or communication, we take note of the data you share.
b. Your navigation and interactions on our site help us understand usage patterns and preferences.

3. Application of Information

a. We utilize collected data to refine and enrich our services.
b. Occasionally, we might reach out using this information for updates or announcements.

4. Information Distribution

a. Your personal data remains with us; we don’t entertain the idea of selling or leasing it.
b. Legally binding requests or safeguarding our privileges might warrant disclosure.

5. Cookie Policy

Cookies help us understand user behavior and refine experiences. To adjust or turn off cookie usage, consult your browser settings.

6. Safeguarding Data

We invest in robust mechanisms to shield your details. Nonetheless, the digital realm has its vulnerabilities, so absolute security isn't a guarantee.

7. Policy Revisions

Keep an eye on this section; we might refine our stance and practices and will update this document accordingly.

8. Reach Out

Queries or concerns about our privacy approach? Drop a line at info@shekztech.com.