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We know that CRUD is an essential operation in any language, so you have to familiarize yourself with CRUD operations before learning in advance. We know Codeigniter 4 is an upcoming version of the CodeIgniter family; that's why you have designed the crud operation in CodeIgniter 4 with Bootstrap 4.

We start from zero on how to download the CodeIgniter and set up the project. We create the database with a table you can easily understand. So before starting this, you must be familiar with basic PHP and OOP in PHP, and yes, Codeingiedr 3 is required.

I will teach you how to use the new data modeling concept in CodeIgniter 4 because of its awesomeness; we will discuss ORM OR Data Modelling to understand better why you need it and how it works. I will give you some tips and tricks to quickly understand the basic concepts of CodeIgniter.

And what about CSS OR js? How to install the CSS or JS in CodeIgniter 4? You will learn how to download CodeIgniter 4 and install/embed the Bootstrap four files in CodeIgniter 4; Bootstrap four is not required for this course.

The tools we will use in this series are PHP Storm and the DataGrip for the database; you will realize why  PHPStrom or Datagrid is best for web development. I am so excited to teach you the crud operation in CodeIgniter 4.

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Shahzad Ahmed is a highly qualified expert with a Master of Philosophy in Computer Science and a decade of extensive industry experience. With his impressive track record in web development and computer science, he has not only left an indelible mark on the industry but also made substantial contributions to education. Since , he has created more than eighty exhaustive courses, paving the way for innumerable individuals interested in learning and development. His unparalleled knowledge and innate ability to elucidate complex ideas make him a highly sought-after educator and consultant. Choose Shehzad and take advantage of his exceptional balance of technical expertise and teaching prowess to propel your learning journey or project to new heights.

  • Instrutor: Shahzad
  • Duration:1 hour, 34 minutes
  • Level:All Levels
  • Lesson:9
  • Enrolled: students
  • Language: English